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Volkswagen Confirms Up! GT and All-Electric Version

VW officials have just confirmed that a higher-powered Up! GT, as well as an all-electric version of the car are on their way, and will be making a public appearance very soon. The first to come will probably be the Up! GT, which will be powered by a 1.0-liter three-cylinder unit, boosted by a turbocharger to 109 hp.
VW Up! GT Concept 1 photo
However, even with 109 hp, the Up! will still not be able to compete with rivals such as the Abarth 500, or the Renault Twingo RS, both of which are considerably faster (thanks to more powerful engines). It will undoubtedly have its fans, though.

Following it, in the first half of 2013 will be an all-electric version of it which should prove very successful, if they price it correctly, that is. It will then be followed by an all-electric version of the Golf, in 2014. In the more distant future, a larger and more spacious version of the Up! is a possibility.


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