Volkswagen AirBug Is What Happens When You Combine Two Hobbies With an Addiction

We officially waved goodbye and good riddance to the Volkswagen Beetle more than two years ago, when the automaker pulled the plug on it in the wake of the electric era. The last one rolled off the assembly line at the Puebla facility, in Mexico, in mid-2019, and that was it for the famous Bug.
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VW BeetleVW BeetleVW BeetleVW BeetleVW Beetle
The final generation shared its construction with the Golf Mk6 and came with a host of petrol engines, and a few diesels, hooked up, depending on the configuration, to a five- or six-speed manual gearbox, or a six-speed automatic, six-speed DSG, or seven-speed DSG.

Arguably one of the most iconic cars ever produced, the Volkswagen Beetle still has a huge fanbase in most parts of the world. Honestly, this writer cannot understand what’s cool about a vehicle shaped like a round brick, with a dubious past, which wasn’t anything to write home about in terms of performance back in the day, and still isn’t. Nonetheless, that’s a story for another time, or rather never, because the internet is filled with articles dedicated to it.

Thus, we’ll move on to the reason behind this story, which is an old Beetle painted and shaped to resemble a basketball. Shared on Reddit, the car literally wears its stripes on the outside and sports a swollen roof. The bump, combined with a second front windscreen, or at least a taller one, would have been suitable for Shaq, yet it’s quite possible that the famous retired NBA player still wouldn’t fit inside even with that mod, though he’d probably try, after having a good laugh.

Now, unless this is part of a marketing scheme, perhaps promoting something related to the famous sport, we’d advise the owner to say no to you know what, and take Nancy Reagan’s saying literally. But what is your message for them?


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