Volkswagen 1-Liter Concept Comes at Frankfurt with a New Face

Among the goodies Volkswagen will showcase at the Frankfurt Auto Show which opens its doors to the press tomorrow, there's also the less-known 1-liter concept which was revealed by the German manufacturer in 2002. Only that the revised version, which according to some voices close to the matter has pretty high chances to enter production in 2010, comes with a fresh face, somewhat inspired by the one of the Golf and the new Scirocco. Obviously, it's way too early to talk about technical details but the editors over at Bild am Sonntag are writing that the 1-liter concept, whose name represents the actual mileage with 1 liter of gasoline - it was said the prototype could cover 100 km with a single liter of gasoline, which is around 235 mpg - will burn around 1.49 liters of gasoline per 100 km, or approximately 157 mpg. According to the aforementioned source, the German brand might incorporate a two-cylinder diesel powerplant that would develop somewhere around 36 horsepower. In order to achieve the best possible mileage, the engine will be mated to a 7-speed DSG gearbox. The whole car would weigh around 1,100 pounds (499 kilos) thanks to the use of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber. Other details are yet to be unveiled but we expect the full list of specifications this week at the Frankfurt Auto Show. autoevolution will be attending the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, so stay tuned for some real up close and personal shots of these vehicles, as well as for first-hand details of the motorized contraptions.
The first 1-liter concept versionThe first 1-liter concept versionThe first 1-liter concept versionThe first 1-liter concept version


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