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Volatus Customizable Mobile Command Centers for First Responders Provide Eyes in the Sky

Canadian UAS (unmanned aircraft system) provider Volatus Aerospace teamed up with U.S.-based specialty vehicle manufacturer Draxxon to develop and sell mobile command centers equipped to support drone operations in the public safety sector.
Volatus and Draxxon mobile command center 8 photos
Volatus and Draxxon mobile command centersVolatus and Draxxon mobile command centersVolatus and Draxxon mobile command centersVolatus and Draxxon mobile command centersVolatus and Draxxon mobile command centersVolatus and Draxxon mobile command centersVolatus and Draxxon mobile command centers
Tactical drones have proved their usefulness for first responders over and over again, with fire departments, police departments, and various law enforcement agencies relying on them for a variety of applications. They are used to assess threats or accidents in a safe manner, to help in search and rescue missions, apprehend criminals, inspect locations and so much more.

Aware of the growing popularity of DFR (drones as First Responder), Volatus decided to become a provider of turnkey solutions in the public safety market, thus partnering up with Draxxon for the mobile command centers.

The aforementioned mobile center is configured in a way that offers all the components of a rapid response unit, as explained by Glen Lynch, Volatus CEO. This includes live data feeds, drone communications, and flight operations. Several models are available (DX-75, DX-1000, DX-714, DX-816), suitable for SUVs, trailers, vans such as Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, and more, each configured according to the requirements of the customer.

Volatus and Draxxon will offer demonstrations of their mobile command centers and various public safety drones, for first responders to be able to choose between customized solutions tailored to their specific needs.

One of the most popular Draxxon specialty vehicles is the DX-1000 platform, which boasts of integrating cutting-edge technology into a user-friendly interface. It is fully customizable and offers off-road capability, sUAS (small unmanned aircraft system) integration, and real-time information sharing, to name just some of its most notable features. The DX-1000 can be configured on a Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter.

Volatus will bring to the table its drone expertise, with each unit using its easy-to-use command and control system that integrates drone technology, fixed mount camera systems, and other information gathering sensors. The mobile command center will provide eyes in the sky, offering accurate information and keeping people safe, as stated by Dean Attridge, Volatus VP of Solutions Engineering.

Volatus is also busy manufacturing in high numbers its patented-design FIXAR (fixed angle rotors) VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) drones that can easily transition between vertical and forward flight. So far, the Canadian company has been involved in more than 900 missions and 3,500 flights.

Those who are interested in the pricing of the mobile command centers have to contact Volatus for a quote and more information on its offer.

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