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Vladimir Putin’s Superyacht Fleet Is, as You Would Expect, Outrageous
Political controversies aside, Russian President Vladimir Putin is one of the most interesting public figures, known, among other things, for his incredible wealth and taste for the finest, most expensive things. His alleged yacht fleet is no exception, comprised of at least three luxurious vessels that amount to $160 million.

Vladimir Putin’s Superyacht Fleet Is, as You Would Expect, Outrageous

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Why have just one ultra-expensive item in any category when you can have more of them? This seems to be Putin’s philosophy when it comes to luxury possessions. While other Presidents stick to one airplane, for example, Putin has at least 40 to choose from, according to unofficial accounts.

Again, few public figures in the political arena are as infamous for such opulent displays of wealth as Putin is, including hundreds of cars, tens of helicopters and airplanes, a $1 million watch collection, and works of art worth billions of dollars, in addition to countless properties.

Of course, this is all alleged, just like the President’s yacht fleet. Lines are blurred between what belongs to the Presidential Administration and Putin’s private property. His political adversaries claim that his private boats are maintained with public funds, but that’s a different topic. According to the media, the politician owns at least three yachts, and all of them are swoon-worthy.The Graceful
This 269-foot (82 meters) majestic-looking superyacht is reportedly worth $100 million. Built by Sevmash in Russia in 2013, it was later moved to Germany, at Blohm and Voss, where the renowned shipyard upgraded it with a bulbous bow and other elements. However, the most stunning characteristic of this white vessel, with an exterior and interior design by H2 Yacht Design, is the generous swimming pool (49-by-10-foot) that converts into a dance floor.

Yachts International reports that the Graceful flaunts an elegant owner’s area with a duplex suite and a folding balcony, plus two VIP suites and three guest cabins. The superyacht can accommodate up to 12 guests, plus crew members, and can reach a maximum speed of 18 knots (20.7 mph/33 kph).Chayka – The Seagull
The Seagull (“Chayka” in Russian) is much different than the Graceful. It was officially purchased for the Russian Presidential Administration in 2011 to host various formal meetings with other political figures, and it is a rugged explorer. The 174-foot (54 meters) vessel was built in 2009 by the Turkish shipyard Turquoise Yachts (formerly known as Proteksan Turquoise). Initially named Leo Fun, the yacht then became known as Sirius and, finally, as the Seagull.

The exterior design by Paolo Caliari, and interior design by Jean Guy Verges, managed to make this explorer much more spacious than others ships of the same size. The main deck boasts a lavish salon that unfolds over 1,000 square feet (100 square meters), with large windows that allow plenty of natural light, plus a generous galley.

The Russian President and his equally-famous guests can enjoy discussing in the formal dining area, with glass doors and an impressive skylight. There are also plenty of options for informal relaxation, including a six-person jacuzzi, a barbecue, a bar, plus a spa pool with a gorgeous glass waterfall wall.

Putin gets to indulge in the master stateroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, which includes a study, an en-suite bathroom, and a bar/fridge. The other cabins, which can accommodate up to 12 guests, also include premium features, such as entertainment systems. Meant for thrilling expeditions, this luxury explorer can hit 18 knots (20.7 mph/33 kph), and travel for 5,000 nautical miles.

According to It Boat, the Seagull’s initial price was somewhere between $4 and $7 million.The Olympia
Remember that time when your buddy gave you a $50 million yacht as a present? Neither do we, but that’s what you get when you’re the president of Russia, and a friend of famous oligarch Roman Abramovich. Described as Putin’s favorite and most photographed yacht, the Olympia is also the most elusive one. This isn’t officially the politician’s yacht, and it’s unconfirmed whether it was a gift or not. The supposed value also ranges from $35 to $50 million, depending on the source.

What we do know is that Olympia is a 187-foot (57 meters) ship built by the renowned Dutch shipyard Feadship, in 2002. It’s most likely the most elegant one in Putin’s fleet, with a classic silhouette created by De Voogt naval architects, and timeless interior design, by Mark Hampton.

There’s enough room on this boat for 10 guests, and the owner’s suite is reportedly one-third of the yacht’s length, also featuring a jacuzzi and a bar.

The extravagant President reportedly owns another yacht as well, the smaller Petrel, equally luxurious to the other ones but more mysterious. After all, with such a huge difference between Putin’s declared income and his estimated fortune, who knows how many other secret vehicles he’s keeping away from the spotlight.


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