Vitesse AuDessus Makes the Shiny New Ferrari F12tdf Even Shinier, and Lighter

Vitesse AuDessus carbon fiber package for Ferrari F12tdf 4 photos
Photo: Vitesse AuDessus
Vitesse AuDessus carbon fiber package for Ferrari F12tdfVitesse AuDessus carbon fiber package for Ferrari F12tdfVitesse AuDessus carbon fiber package for Ferrari F12tdf
Let’s start with a little lesson in French - don’t worry, it’s not something you couldn’t find out by yourself by visiting the well-known website called Google Translate.
But we do feel it’s in order, as the name of this American (mic drop) tuning company has the property of making a lot of people move on and ignore it simply because it’s so damn hard to pronounce. And that’s without knowing if you’re actually saying it right or not.

So, Vitesse AuDessus, in a free translation, would mean “Speed above,” leaving us to fill in the blanks by imagining the exact amount. Or maybe the missing part isn’t a number, but a word. A word like “all,” for example. We’ll never know and, frankly, nor should we care as long as they keep coming with stuff looking like this carbon fiber body for the new limited edition Ferrari F12tdf.

The whole project is just that, a project, so the images you see are just renderings, but they’re enough to get us really pumped up. Again, we might add, as the “regular” Ferrari F12tdf did just that a few weeks ago when it was first introduced.

Since it’s a carbon fiber body we’re talking about, the word of the day is obviously “lightness.” How much of it, exactly? Well, according to Vitesse AuDessus, the carbon fiber treatment will lower the car’s weight by no less than 350 lbs (159 kg), bringing the total down to 2,769 lbs (1,256 kg).

If that’s not enough, Vitesse AuDessus (yes, I enjoy writing the name, it makes me feel like I know French) also specializes in carbon fiber wheels, which is the best way of bringing down the unsprung weight, something that very often gets ignored.

In case you feel Vitesse AuDessus came out of the blue and you’re worried about its credentials, you should know the company also builds similar treatments for cars such as the Porsche 918 Spyder, Bugatti Veyron, or even the LaFerrari.

AutoGespot doesn't say anything about the price of the whole package, but expect it to be astronomically high. We’re talking six figures. Then again, if you’ve bought yourself one of the 799 available tdfs, that’s six figures less than what your account’s balance is showing.
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