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Visitors Are Encouraged to Get More Interactive at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show

Because technologies such as autonomous driving and connectivity play a more critical role in everyday life, the Detroit North American International Auto Show wants to give its participants an experimental treatment at the forthcoming 2016 edition.
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Rod Alberts, executive director of NAIAS and the Detroit Auto Dealers Association, has stated that in the past few years cars have become more and more related to technology and connectivity, so something had to be done to showcase that at the auto show. The new addition for 2016 includes a collaboration with Twitter and tech website CNET.

George P. Johnson Co., a brand marketing firm based near Detroit, designed around 40 percent of the displays, and according to their vice-president Paul Hemsworth, every entity, whether we are talking about exhibitors, media companies or booth builders, wants to create a nearly intimate connection with the visitors.

According to the same source, the firm’s biggest client, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, ordered GPJ to transform its logo into a 60,000 square foot illuminated motion sculpture, which is intended to be one of the show’s main attractions.

Another attraction, that is still unconfirmed, though, will be a beacon technology capable of tracking movements of the auto show attendees and providing instant feedback from their smartphones on where they spent the most time and what their potential car buying preferences are.

One of Twitter’s biggest addition to the show will be the “buzz boards,” which will be placed throughout the show floor, allowing everybody present to get instant access to what cars or topics are trending at the event, according to Automotive News.

On the one hand, CNET will launch a new auto-centric brand called Roadshow, which will live stream every product unveil at the show, while IBM, another tech giant, is expected to make the long-awaited announcement about the integration of its artificial intelligence machine Watson into cars.

The historical part hasn’t been left out, and three vintage cars built in Detroit, a 1966 Ford Mustang, a 1957 Chevrolet Nomad and a 1961 Chrysler 300G, will rally down Woodward as part of the show’s theme “All roads lead to Detroit,” arriving at the private pre-party on January 7.

Even if some important carmakers, such as Bentley, Tesla, MINI, and Jaguar Land Rover, are skipping next year’s Detroit Auto Ahow, Alberts says that apart from the 100 sponsors, he expects somewhere around 850,000 participants to attend the show.


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