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Visionary Architect Designs Futuristic 100% Self Sufficient Trimaran, Will Reach Production

Forget about racing F1 cars and think of the vastness of the ocean for a second here. Now think of a huge trimaran packed with the latest technologies on the market that is running on solar power when the wind is too light and is able to reduce water resistance by up to 80 per cent. Good, now rob a bank!
Fresnel Hydrofoil Trimaran 1 photo
OK, please do not rob a bank. In fact, if you’re still in your 30s, then there’s enough time to get another doctorate or two, at least two jobs and maybe some weekend hours and maybe your late 60s will find you cruising this puppy.

Designed by London-based architect Dr. Margot Krasojevic, the £9-£10million ($13,61 million - $15,12 million) futuristic trimaran yacht was created for speed. Dubbed the Fresnel Hydrofoil Trimaran the unique vessel was created for Holden Manz wine estate in Franschoek, South Africa, and will reportedly operate 100 per cent self-sufficiently.

Reports are the boat’s most striking feature is a carbon fiber (of course) sail frame that curves around to form part of the hull, with a retractable Kevlar sail. Yep, the same material they make bulletproof vests of. Its power autonomy will come through its wing sail, which features solar panels backed by fresnel lens and holographic film on the outrigger that project further rays on the panels.

The wing sail (the main rigid sail) wraps into the main body of the hull so it is a continuous surface which, as a result of the motorized mast, can change the shape of the sail allowing it to catch more wind. This also hasn’t been done before,” Krasojevic explains. Moreover, when the luxury yacht is in monohull mode, a set of fold-out hydrofoils can be deployed to lift the main hull out of the water, reducing water resistance by up to 80 per cent, thus creating a faster and smoother ride.

Here’s the part when you think “oh, it’s just a concept, we’ll never see it sailing”. It turns out the construction will start in April and will go as planned. As to the brainiac that created this machinery, it’s not the first time we’ve mentioned the illustrious architect.

Known for her unique, green energy-harnessing innovations, dr. Karojevic also created an alien-like shaped house that looks like a combination between a sea shell and an urchin and is designed to harness tidal and solar energy.


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