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Virtual McLaren Sabre Speedster Joins Elva in Fighting Aston's Open-Cockpit Pair

Oddly enough, for an automotive world riddled with dying passenger car segments and focused on crossovers, SUVs, and trucks, we have recently witnessed a revival of the (ultra-luxury) speedster niche.
McLaren Sabre Speedster rendering by spdesignsest 12 photos
McLaren Sabre Speedster rendering by spdesignsest2021 McLaren Sabre customer car2021 McLaren Sabre customer car2021 McLaren Sabre customer car2021 McLaren Sabre customer car2021 McLaren Sabre customer car2021 McLaren Sabre customer car2021 McLaren Sabre prototype2021 McLaren Sabre prototype2021 McLaren Sabre prototype2021 McLaren Sabre prototype
Naturally, it all started with a Ferrari. Or rather two, since the Prancing Horse’s Monza SP1 also has an SP2 companion. Then, it was all about finding the right way to compete against them. Direct rivals include the McLaren Elva and Aston Martin V12 Speedster while influenced options have us staring at the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar or the one-off Lambo Squadra Corse SC20.

All these models are roofless cars that feature no protection against the weather’s fastidiousness, so you would think they are a tough sell, and automakers will be more than happy to manufacture, deliver them, and then forget all about their existence. But it is the other way around, as it turns out. A fitting example would be Aston’s recent DBR22 introduction, their latest coach-built design concept, and a great companion for the V12 Speedster.

That probably did not fly under the virtual automotive artist's radar, and Siim Parn, the Estonia-based pixel master better known as spdesignsest on social media seems ready to do something about it. So, the CGI expert abandoned his famous neo-retro designs for a fleeting moment and reworked the ultra-special, modern McLaren Sabre into a cool Speedster that would bode well next to the company’s Elva to duke it out with Aston’s open cockpit pair.

Alas, given the level of exclusivity involved with the McLaren Sabre production (allegedly just 16 examples were manufactured, 13 for the United States and another trio for the Middle East, of course) there are rather slim chances the British carmaker will ever create something like this. Still, it’s a cool piece of wishful thinking, right?

Editor's note: Gallery includes official images of McLaren Sabre.


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