Virgin Tycoon Richard Branson Escapes Death after a Monster Bicycle Crash

Mr. Branson may have taken a backseat to the younger Elon Musk now, but there was a time when he was considered to be quite the visionary. In the meantime, he's taking those ambitions more lightly and is spending time relaxing with his two grown up children.
Richard Branson bicycle crash aftermath 6 photos
Richard Branson bicycle crash aftermathRichard Branson bicycle crash aftermathRichard Branson bicycle crash aftermathRichard Branson bicycle crash aftermathRichard Branson bicycle crash aftermath
Earlier this week, the three were riding their bicycles on the British Virgin Islands when the businessman had an unfortunate encounter with a hump in the road. A simple "sleeping policeman" was enough to send Branson flying in the air with his whole life flashing before his eyes.

He says that the road started going downhill, so they gained a little more speed. Then, it suddenly got dark and that was enough for Branson to overlook a bump in the road and ride into it head-on. The impact was strong enough to hurl him over the handlebars and send his bike over the cliffs.

The media tycoon was heading towards the pavement head-first, but luckily it was the shoulder that absorbed most of the impact. However, his face did not escape unharmed as his left cheek was badly hurt, just like his knees and chin.

All in all, Mr. Branson is happy to be alive, and he says it's all down to him wearing a helmet. He's not completely happy with his protective equipment, however, wondering whether there weren't any models that protect the whole face of the rider. A few days have passed and Branson is a lot more relaxed about the incident now. "My biggest hardship is having to drink tea out of a straw. Oh, and being called elephant man by a six-year-old!" he jokes.

He may not have intended it - what are we talking about, he most definitely did not plan this - but the whole crash did raise a bit more awareness about the Virgin Strive Challenge charitable adventure that Mr. Branson and his two children, Sam and Holly, will be taking part in. Which is probably the only good news that can be taken out of this.


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