Viper Crashes Leaving Cars and Coffee Like a Mustang

Burnouts are the standard way of leaving cars and coffee. The more smoke you can make the better. However, those curbs can do a lot of damage if you crash into them, as many Mustang owners have learned.
Viper Crashes Leaving Cars and Coffee Like a Mustang 3 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot
Viper Crashes Leaving Cars and Coffee Like a MustangViper Crashes Leaving Cars and Coffee Like a Mustang
The Viper is a supercar in some ways, but you can think of it more like a 2-wheel drive Lamborghini Diablo instead of a Huracan. It's the type of vehicle that lets you know it wants to kill you, like a fighting pit bull tugging at the leash.

There's exhaust looking to burn you on the sides, an engine that wants to destroy every eardrum on a 1-mile radius and worst of all a powertrain that's not idiot-proof. Yes, believe it or not, some people who buy supercars can't drive. With the Viper boasting a stick and three pedals, there's just a lot more stuff to pay attention to.

So you have a 600 horsepower American-made legend of a car, and there are tens of people gathered to see you put down some smoke. It's an empowering feeling. But it can quickly turn south if you don't know what you're doing, just like in this case.

In the video below, you'll see the beautiful red V10 monster trying to leave a Cars and Coffee get-together in Houston, Texas. It's a small local event, but the driver decided to show off and pulls the classic Mustang move.

Instead of being the hero, he spins the car and smashes it into the curb on the left side. The suspension buckles and the wheels cave in. It's automotive carnage, but the crowd is loving it, as the laugh at the dumb luck of the driver.

It's not a total writeoff, as with a bit of tender love and probably $10,000, the Viper will be almost as good as new. But there should be a driver course about how to properly do a burnout in front of spectators.

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