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Vintage Million Dollar Porsche 962 Race Car Crashes at Spa-Francorchamps

The 962C is one of the most successful race cars in Porsche's entire history. Built and raced for the first time in 1984, the car remained competitive well into the mid-90s. During its time as a competition platform still in use, it scored 21 constructor championships in various racing series.
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Porsche made 91 examples of the 962C and 75 of them ended up in the hands of private owners. This particular example, restored by Steimann-Motorsport, is one of the 75. Steimann built this 962 on a new chassis with parts sourced from around Germany. The finished product was last valued at 1.2-million dollars.

Thankfully, besides being shaken up, the driver is reported as having no serious injuries. The video was uploaded on October 19 and shows the last few moments of this race car's life. At least, the end of its racing in 2021 for sure.

We get very little footage of the car in one piece but what we do get looks and sounds amazing. Then the car slides through the last two turns at Spa-Francorchamps and heads towards the start/finish line. The audio is clear enough and we can hear the revs climb.

That's when tragedy strikes. The rear tires slip out from under the Porsche, the nose points right, and the car slides hard into the barrier. The entire nose seems to disintegrate. The door even comes off. Frankly, it's shocking that the driver wasn't seriously injured.

Track access at Spa-Francorchamps is incredible and that's demonstrated by the rest of the film. We get close-up views as the car is hauled up and onto a flatbed trailer. As it's driven away, the crowd gets to see tires, suspension parts, and other fragments of the Porsche. The driver, visibly shaken, watches the result of the crash.

From what we can see there might not be any major damage to the rear of the 962. Hopefully, that makes for a much quicker rebuild this time around.

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