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VinFast Plans to Expand U.S. Lineup with Smaller Electric SUVs

VinFast may not be a household name yet among car enthusiasts in the U.S., but it could soon become more popular, as the new Vietnamese automaker has announced plans to expand its portofolio in the country with new electric SUVs.
VinFast will expand U.S. SUV lineup 6 photos
VinFast SUVsVinFast SUVsVinFast SUVsVinFast SUVsVinFast SUVs
The first vehicles coming from VinFast to be made available on American soil are the midsize VinFast VF 8 and VF 9 SUVs, which will start selling by the end of this year.

Then, in 2023, the company’s lineup for North America will expand with two new models, the VinFast VF 7 compact electric SUV and the subcompact VinFast VF 6. The news was confirmed by VinFast U.S.’s chief service officer Craig Westbrook during an Automotive Press Association event in Detroit.

The company also reiterated that the two-row 2023 VinFast VF 8 and three-row 2023 VinFast VF 9 electric vehicles would be exported from its plant in Vietnam to around 30 outlets in California in Q4 2022.

No details on the upcoming compact SUVs’ prices have been disclosed, but the company has a peculiar pricing approach: the price of its cars does not include the battery pack, as this must be leased by buyers at a monthly rate. Only after 2024 will the VinFast car owners be able to buy their battery, or they could continue leasing it.

As for the VF 8 model, this one will be available in two trims with 348 and 402 horsepower (256 - 295,6 kW) and a range of 248 or 260 miles (399-418 km), respectively. Their prices will start at $41,900 (39,729 euros), plus the monthly battery leasing charge.

The VF 9, which delivers 402 hp (295,6 kW) and has a range of 262 - 272 miles (421 - 437 km), and will cost $56,700 (53,762 Euro), plus battery leasing.

The Vietnamese carmaker also has another car lined up for the European and Asian markets, the VinFast VF 5, and it seems they are looking to also build an electric pickup truck and sedans.


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