Video of Boy’s First Bike Ride Confirms Ghosts Are Real

Of all the things you expect when watching a video of your son on your phone, last is seeing a ghost looking in on him. That’s what one mother from Devon saw, as she was watching a clip of her son learning how to ride a bike.
Video of boy learning to ride a bike brings confirmation that ghosts are real 6 photos
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Louise Lenton is 41 years old and she seems like a down-to-earth-type of gal, the kind that would probably scoff if you told her you’d seen a ghost. Her experience outside Oldway Mansion is making headlines all over the world, because she presumably caught evidence of ghostly activity on camera.

Louise and her partner were out for a drive, with their 5-year-old son and their dogs. She tells UK publication Metro that they had decided to split, to allow her partner time to walk the dogs. Meanwhile, she would take the boy to a nearby parking lot so he could further practice riding his bike.

You can see the video Louise shot on the occasion below. It shows the boy riding in the empty parking lot, while a seemingly older woman watches on from one of the windows above. According to Louise, the woman was in Victorian garb, so she must’ve been a ghost or an apparition of some kind, especially since the Mansion dates back to the 19th century.

The strange thing is that she didn’t notice her until she got home and watched the footage on her phone. Louise admits she was so shocked that she even reached out to Torbay Council to ask if they had any female workers inside the Mansion at the time. They said only security workers were inside, which doesn’t explain the presence in the window.

“It’s certainly not a security guard from what I can tell. The outfit the woman is wearing appears to have white cuffs and it looks Victorian. I would love to know who or what it was,” Louise says. So do we, Louise, so do we.


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