Video: Illegal Drag Race Ends With Both Cars Crashing in L.A., Cue the Benny Hill Music

Audi A6 vs. Infiniti G37 7 photos
Photo: Instagram | 323_1320
Audi A6 vs. Infiniti G37Audi A6 vs. Infiniti G37Audi A6 vs. Infiniti G37Audi A6 vs. Infiniti G37Audi A6 vs. Infiniti G37Audi A6 vs. Infiniti G37
No matter how much one wants to show what their ride is capable of in a straight-line sprint, drag racing should always be kept away from public roads. And we don’t need to explain why, do we?
So, with that off our chest, let’s move on to an illegal drag race that appears to have taken place somewhere in Los Angeles, at an undisclosed date.

A short video shared on social media by 323_1320 shows an Audi A6 and an Infiniti G37 sitting head-to-head at the hypothetical start line, with their drivers ready to lift off the brake and push the throttle to the floor. A few seconds later, both cars took off, and by the time they drove by the guy filming, the German executive sedan had a slight advantage over its Japanese ad-hoc rival.

Nothing weird so far, other than the reckless driving that could have turned into a nightmare in the blink of an eye, which it did. You see, no one bothered to check what the end of the street looked like before the impromptu race kicked off, so rather than deciding which of the two rides was faster, the race concluded with a visit to the body shop, as the mechanics were the real winners here.

The first one that bounced after hitting a stationary vehicle was the Infiniti G37, and just a few moments later, the Audi A6 did the same, on the opposite side of the street. We don’t know if anyone was injured as a result of this dangerous stunt, though we suspect that the drivers have likely walked away. On a side note, we think that neither of them will ever engage in such a stupid activity in the future, whose outcome could have been avoided by paying the entry fee at a drag strip and settling the bet responsibly.

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