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Video: Ford Mustang Goes for a Swim, Must Be a Crowd Nearby

Admit it, you never really thought the Ford Mustang could double as an amphibious vehicle, did you? And it may not, but that hasn’t stopped one owner from driving it through water.
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By the looks of it, the moist joyride took place in some sort of a swamp, presumably in the Middle East judging by the license plate of the muscle car. When did it happen? Likely more than six months ago, as that’s when the video embedded at the bottom of the page was posted on social media.

So, what exactly are we dealing with here? Well, a sixth-generation Ford Mustang driving through water. If it looks like a V8, and it sounds like a V8, then it is probably a V8. The assumption is doubled by the ‘GT’ logo mounted on the trunk lid, which suggests that we are looking at the model packing the naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 under the hood.

And it was a nice white copy of the pony car too that seems to have been properly maintained over the years. Therefore, we couldn’t tell you what the owner was thinking when they decided to make it wet – oh, wait, it was probably for internet fame, considering that there was another vehicle following it on its short adventure, which is where the person filming the stunt sat.

In all likelihood, the wet ride ended well for the punchy model made by the Dearborn company, as towards the end of the clip, it can be seen approaching what seems to be dry land. Naturally, the video ends right before it was about to leave the water, which wasn’t deep at all, suggesting that the driver knew the environment all too well. What’s next, crossing a lake with a Mustang? Driving on hot lava? Actually, we’d better end it here, as we might give some unhealthy ideas to certain owners.


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