Video Comparison: Alfa Romeo Giulia QV versus BMW M4 GTS on the Ring

As soon as the first specs of the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV reached the internet, the BMW community quickly started to wonder whether it was going to be faster than its Bavarian rival, the M3.
BMW M4 GTS vs Alfa Romeo Giulia QV 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
That's right, we said M3 because, after all, the Alfa is a Sedan, and it should be compared to its sedan rival, not the two-door M4.

Of course, having a Ferrari-engineered engine helps Giulia's case. With its 2.9-liter V6 that makes 510 HP, the Italian is a worthy rival, but horsepower is not the only thing that matters when on a proper circuit.

As the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG S found on various occasions, even though it has the edge on the M3 by nearly 80 HP, it's severely heavier and can't keep up, especially on more technical courses.

As for the Alfa, the Italians are claiming that it won't have the same problem as it will be light on its feet and will be able to put the power down better than the Merc.

It all sounds nice and well but will they actually deliver on their promise?

The video below was put together by a Youtube supercar spotter and it is really well cut, showing how the two would compare. Of course, this can't be used as a valid reference but it still offers a good idea of how they perform.

The thing is, the BMW in the video is the GTS version of the M4 and not the regular M3 as it should have.

That means it has more than 431 HP (sources claim closer to 500), it is lighter on its feet and has improved aerodynamics fitted on it.

Looking at the footage, the Giulia looks faster on the straights while the BMW seems to be more poised which is normal considering that this is a special edition meant to be tracked, and the QV is a typical, road-going model.

In the end, this is a close encounter but as far as the stock M3 goes, I'm afraid the Alfa will have the edge over it.

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