Victory Vegas 8-Ball Gets Remade Into Stunning Modern Cruiser

The name Victory may no longer mean all that much on today’s new motorcycle market, as the former Polaris-invented brand officially went under in 2017, after the mother company got a really tight hold of Indian. Yet there are times when we kind of wish the moniker was still around.
Victory Vegas 8-Ball by Box39 8 photos
Box39 Victory Vegas 8-BallBox39 Victory Vegas 8-BallBox39 Victory Vegas 8-BallBox39 Victory Vegas 8-BallBox39 Victory Vegas 8-BallBox39 Victory Vegas 8-BallBox39 Victory Vegas 8-Ball
Victory was a player for a little under two decades starting with the late 1990s, and despite being fresh on a market dominated by giants Harley-Davidson and Indian, it did manage to leave its mark. And it did so with the help of cool-named bikes like the Vegas, Gunner, or Kingpin.

Sadly, for one reason or another, although Victory made enough bikes during its time, few of them are as visible today on the custom market as their older rivals. From time to time, though, we do come across interesting Victory-based builds, like was the case with the German-made Gunner Red Hammer we talked about not long ago.

Or this here Russian Vegas 8-Ball, remodeled into a modern cruiser by a Russian shop that usually specializes in Harley-Davidson V-Rods, and named Box39.

Box39 also specializes in making custom wheels, and they did the same in the case of the 8-Ball, which got fitted with intricately shaped ones, sized 23 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear.

The whole thing was then propped on an air suspension system and was gifted with an extended swingarm, custom front and rear fenders over the said wheels, and LED lights, with the front one seated inside a milled housing.

A number of other well-crafted elements are there to embellish the two-wheeler, including the seat, exhaust system, or carefully chosen covers.

This Russian 8-Ball was completed back in 2018, but we are not being told how much it cost to make, or what has happened to it since.


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