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Victory Shows Custom Arlen Ness Engine Covers

Winter is upon us, and most bikes are already taking their nap, so what better time for maintenance and searching for ways to make them look prettier? Victory knows this even better than you, so here is one of their offers well ahead of Christmas, new custom-look engine covers for the Freedom 106-powered beasts.
Victory Custom Arlen Ness Engine Covers 10 photos
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As you most likely know, almost all the bikes in Victory's line-up are powered by the same engine, namely the Freedom 106 air-cooled v-twin. This means that the covers Victory revealed minutes ago are suitable for almost all their bikes, so Victory owners should pay attention.

The collaboration between Victory and the Ness family produced amazing results in the past, and it looks like things are only getting better and better. The range of new engine covers for Victory's bikes includes no less than three items signed by the veteran builder Arlen Ness.

These covers have been crafted especially for Victory and they introduce a premium look vibe. Arlen Ness delivers two finned covers, one with a chrome finish and the other with a black one.

A third option is also available from Arlen Ness and is called Holeshot. The Holeshot series engine covers are also black, but have a particular design. Multiple circles have been CNC machined into the metal and left with their natural bare metal sheen for a contrasting look. First we thought they were studded in Swarovski stones and were rather startled about such a direction for Victory...Bevelled and billet covers are also on the menu
Victory also throws in three engine cover sets of their own, and frankly, we like them better than the Arlen Ness ones. If anything, the Ness items seem a bit too much on the flamboyant side, whereas the Victory covers are more tech-ish and sober.

Matching Ness's offer, Victory delivers a chrome set and two black cover sets. The chrome covers are bevelled and have their black counterparts. The darkened ones also have thin machined accent lines and a Victory logo that make them stand out, while the chrome ones come with a mirror finish.

The billet covers introduce a sober custom vibe and will be a glorious match for 5-spoked wheels. Their logos are highly visible thanks to contrast machining, too.

No prices were mentioned this time, but calling or visiting your nearest Victory dealer should solve this problem.


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