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Victory Motorcycles Get Adaptive Headlights

Although riding at night is fun since most of the streets are empty, it is also more dangerous. Part of the extra danger comes from the fact that you don’t see as well, especially when cornering. However, if you’re into Victory Motorcycles, a company specializing in lighting technology announced they are putting out adaptive headlights for your favorite cruiser and help you with that issue.
Model 8695 Adaptive 4 photos
S.W. Speaker Model 8695 AdaptiveS.W. Speaker Model 8695 AdaptiveS.W. Speaker Model 8695 Adaptive
Up until now, J.W. Speaker offered perfectly round adaptive motorcycle headlights but will start to offer a specially-shaped model designed to replace the stock one that fits new Victory cruisers.

The new Adaptive Series headlight, known as the Model 8695 Adaptive, uses the same advanced electronic pixies and on-board sensors as the previous models (8790 and 8690) and only differs through the LEDs arrangement and the outside casing.

Electronic wizardry calculates the motorcycle’s banking angle and automatically lights up the corresponding LEDs to illuminate the part of the road that usually remains dark when cornering on a standard bike.

"We appreciate our Victory motorcycle customers and could not be more excited to give them an Adaptive Series headlight, offering a custom fit and plug & play installation with this dynamically advanced technology," J.W. Speaker Motorcycle Market Sales Manager Kurt Kaufmann said.

The company says their new headlight unit fully fits the one-of-a-kind diamond shaped space where the standard one is installed, and you don’t need special tools or additional components to install it. Simply swap the stock with the custom, and you’re ready to light up the road ahead.

"Our goal is to make a plug & play solution for as many motorcycles as possible. This year alone we are launching a Victory diamond fitment, a full line of metric fitment brackets and coming in spring of 2017, we will launch the world's first Adaptive Series headlights for Road Glides," said Kaufmann.

No pricing information is available at the moment, but you can check with your local J.W. Speaker’s distributors for the full offer.


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