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VIA Motors Unveils Solar Powered Truck

VIA Motors has announced the introduction of a solar panel bed cover option for their brand new plug-in electric Chevrolet Silverado-based trucks. Dubbed SolTRUX, the bed cover features high capacity solar panels which plug into the truck’s powertrain and charging technology.
VIA Motors solar panel truck 4 photos
VIA Motors solar panel truckVIA Motors solar panel truckVIA Motors solar panel truck
The company says the solar panel bed cover can add up to 5 to 10 miles (8 to 16 km) of additional electric range on long sunny days, depending on panel capacity and the availability of the sun. SolTRUX will be offered after the VIA VTRUX plug-in pickup truck is launched in mid-2014.

A similar option is currently being developed for VIA Motors’ electric passenger and cargo vans, both of which are based on the Chevrolet Express.

"This much solar charging really wasn't available until we electrified the pickup truck, which offers enough real estate to accommodate full-size, high-capacity panels," said David West, chief marketing officer for VIA Motors. "This option makes owning an electric truck even more attractive today because it can charge while parked outside almost anywhere.”


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