Vector Trike Has Nothing to Do with the Vector of the '90s

Pakistani designer Bilal Khan reveals the Vector concept, a trike that blends in both motorcycle and car elements. Now, with the thin line between these two classes becoming increasingly blurry with each passing season, we'd rather skip both names and go for the all-new autocycle thing that surfaced in the US last year.
Vector trike concept by Bilal Khan 8 photos
Photo: Bilal Khan
Vector trike concept by Bilal KhanVector trike concept by Bilal KhanVector trike concept by Bilal KhanVector trike concept by Bilal KhanVector trike concept by Bilal KhanVector trike concept by Bilal KhanVector trike concept by Bilal Khan
Remember the whole story with the Polaris Slingshot that was impossible to register in certain areas of the United States because it was neither car nor motorcycle? Polaris went a long way to enforce a law change, and thus, the autocycle class was born, allowing Slingshot owners to homologate and register their machines.

Khan's Vector (not the most creative name out there, right?) is aimed at solving transportation problems. This single-seater has a traditional trike wheel configuration, with a front fork and two drive wheels in the back, powered by a rear-mounted mill. A reverse Slingshot, in a way, if you wish.

Judging by the two holes in the rear that resemble quite a lot the exhaust vents, we'd go for a gas-powered engine, but the Vector could obviously accommodate an electric motor just as well. One of the main things about the Vector concept is that it comes with fairly small dimensions, and this makes it easy to drive/ride in the urban clutter, easy to park, and easy on the tax side of the budget.

Even if the roof and the surrounding structure seem okay at first sight, the A-pillars are huge and a major impediment in the visual field. Likewise, in the absence of doors, riding in the rain would not be exactly comfortable, and since this model is intended for daily commuting and not for leisure, one would certainly dislike the prospect of arriving all soaked up at work.

Another thing that needs revision is the very ample ground clearance. The center of gravity is rather high, and this reduces the stability around corners. However, Bilal Khan's Vector concept holds certain strong points that are well-worth exploring.
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