Vauxhall Zafira Driver Finally Fulfills His Life-Long Dream of Being a Skipper

Vauxhall Zafira facing the floods and losing 1 photo
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 In case you haven't read the news lately, numerous parts of Europe are struggling with floods these days. After very heavy rainfall, some cities could not cope with the insane quantities of water, so the sewage system just said "screw this, I'm off on a holiday" and the streets turned into giant pools of murky water.
Cities that had major rivers going through them - like Paris, for example - had it even worse, with the Senne's discharge reaching alarmingly high rates that even forced the Louver to close while some of the artworks were moved, just in case. But this video isn't about the French, even though they have their fair share of flood-related fails.

This clip, however, will show you a man from England who clearly overestimates the capabilities of his Vauxhall (Opel) Zafira - or underestimates its buoyancy - by driving straight into a large body of water formed into what appears to be an underpass. People, in case of floods, that's rule number one: never go through the water if there's even the smallest of chances the street's level is lowering.

The people on the street, helpful as usual, cheer him on as he approaches the temporary lake, but as soon as he actually goes into the water, everybody suddenly starts to wonder why the hell he did it. Maybe because he didn't realize it was a stupid idea and nobody had the decency to at least try and warn him? Yeah, that's definitely why.

Anyway, once his car starts to float, everybody becomes a specialist in the physics of fluids, wondering why would he even try something like that and ignoring they all had a part in it. The clip ends too soon to see the incident's conclusion: did the driver skipper manage to make it back? Did he get to the other side? Did he swim, or did his car just drift away in the end? Did he pop open an umbrella out the window and used it as a sail? Whatever the case, that car is in desperate need of a good wash and a few sunny days to dry. Oh, and a more clever driver wouldn't help either.

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