Vandoit's LIV Package Exposes Your Van's Most Extreme and Modular Abilities

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While I was out there exploring the world for amazing mobile habitats, I ran across a crew dubbed Vandoit, and as the name would suggest, these folks are all about taking your van and simply bringing it to the next level in terms of modularity, livability, and adventure. Buckle up because this one will be slightly different than we may be used to seeing.
Let's face it, with their ability to be a fantastic on-road home or adventure mobile, the van has always been targeted by conversion teams and manufacturers. With that in mind, let's see what modern tech and materials can achieve, and the crew to show us a bit of what's possible is Vandoit (Van Do It).

While I was getting to know this rather specialized crew, I discovered that RVing has always run in the family, being a sort of grandchild to a team born in 1947, Kline Motors; the years and subsequent Kline brands have given birth to this team. That means that generation after generation of RVers is responsible for this brand, so yes, I feel we may have something of interest here.

Since company history and all that is, well, history, let's take a look at one of their conversion packages that, may I say, even has a patent pending, the LIV. Now, if I were to describe what the LIV is all about in just one sentence, it would be that: this is possibly one of the most rugged and modular setups I've seen in some time.

For example, if you decide to call upon the powers of Vandoit, a hydraulic lift bed is one of the features you'll find in your van. Why would you ever want a mobile bed in your van? What do you mean? Think about it for a second; with such a feature, you can use your vehicle for an array of activities, and ones that you can designate that weekend.

LIV Package Conversion Interior
Let's say you and your buddies have plans to ride around the wilderness on a pair of e-bikes or dirt bikes. If that's the case, raise your bedding out of the way, and transform your van into a mobile garage, one that even has a slide-out function, so you don't have to drag dirt and grime into your unit if you just need to grab a tool or something like that. Next weekend, maybe you'd like to go on a couple's retreat. Drop this feature back into place, and use the remaining space for storing foods, clothing, gear, and things like a portable toilet.

Now, if you've already scrolled to the bottom of this text, you will have noticed the video I've added. In it, you'll be taken through a complete walk-through of the features available in your future LIV. That said, I want to attract your attention to the two blocks we see at the rear of the van. In these two blocks, you'll find the necessary setup to ensure off-grid capabilities and clean living. The unit on the left is where you'll find features like your inverter, batteries, and BMS, while the one on the right is all about ensuring you have adequate water when and where you need it, even heated. Oh, there is a solar panel in the mix too, but that's on top of the van.

Since we're nearing the end of how much time I can take from your life while reading this article, I want to bring your attention back to the interior of a LIV-packed van. So, I've pointed out the bedding and the garage, but I also need to mention that Vandoit also includes a galley block in this package and one that can be removed at a moment's notice.

LIV Package Conversion Garage
This ultimately brings me to my final point. Let's say you run an off-road tour business or simply need to move a larger group of people around town, like if you have a larger family or whatnot. If that's the case, your van can still access its classic function, human transport, and so everything I mentioned can be taken out and replaced with nothing more than three rows of seating for a total of eight people.

Nope, that's not the end of it all, either. One of the first things you need to consider about this package is that its pricing ranges from $114,800 to $195,800 (€180,500 at current exchange rates) with the preferred chassis and features. Yet, don't be afraid of that number because the features I mentioned above aren't all there is. In truth, there's a Quigley 4x4 kit added to the Transit we see in the video, awnings, and for 2023 models, even things like an indoor shower. Not to mention any interior design work this crew incorporates into the build; the manufacturer only notes big-ticket items.

Still, with the level of modularity you can access with the LIV package, you can access your van's abilities to achieve just about anything you want it to. Travel off-grid, go off-road, and even take your kids to school on Monday. Sounds like something to consider if you and your own are an adventurous bunch.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of custom LIV vehicles.

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