Vandalized Lamborghini Huracan Graffiti Wrap Is Pure Genius

The world of wraps is currently boiling with new designs and the one we're here to show can certainly qualify as one of the most unconventional we've come across to date. We're talking about a... double Lamborghini Huracan wrap, one that is simply guaranteed to turn heads everywhere this V10 machine lands.
Vandalized Lamborghini Huracan Graffiti Wrap 5 photos
Vandalized Lamborghini Huracan Graffitti WrapVandalized Lamborghini Huracan Graffitti WrapVandalized Lamborghini Huracan Graffitti WrapVandalized Lamborghini Huracan Graffitti Wrap
Now, you might be familiar with the Sant'Agata Bolognese beast we have here. And that's because we talked about the based wrap of this Lambo in July last year. That's when the bomber take delivered by the Lambo, shark teeth fighter visual stunt included.

Well, the owner seems to have decided to add a new layer to the second skin transformation of the supercar. As such, the Lamborghini Huracan we have here now seems to have been touched by a more or less gentle graffiti artist - heck, an untrained eye might just expect this mid-engined exotic to have been vandalized, which only makes the whole story even spicier.

Going past the familiar nature of this Sant'Agata Bolognese machine, you might still be experiencing deja vu. Allow us to explain why.

You see, vandalized-style wraps are the latest trend on the wrap market, with one of the freshest examples of this having been delivered last October.

We're talking about the faux cheater wrap on a green incarnation of the Lamborghini Aventador. In our book, this stood out more than most supercar wraps we had shown you before.

Speaking of this new trend, we're glad those in the aftermarket industry have come up with more ingenious ideas, as, for instance, the velvet wrap trend that appeared to sit high a few years ago was simply awful in our book.

Alas, we haven't fully left questionable wraps behind, as a recent example that also used a Lamborghini Huracan as a base demonstrated. We're referring to the Swarovski-covered Lambo of Russian-born social media figure Daria Radionova.


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