V8-Powered Toyota AE86 Mixes Air Suspension with Rauh-Welt Twist

We're usually against cars who sacrifice everything in the name of ultimate stance, but the Toyota AE86 in the images below is something different.
V8-Powered Toyota AE 86 6 photos
V8-Powered Toyota AE86V8-Powered Toyota AE86V8-Powered Toyota AE86V8-Powered Toyota AE86V8-Powered Toyota AE86
Before we'll move on to discussing the details of the little red devil, we'll mention the microscopic ground clearance seen here is not the result of a ridiculous lowering process.

Instead, as you'll be able to notice in the photos, this Toyota is gifted with Accuair's E-Level suspension, which means the driver can easily adjust the ride height according to the various requirements.

Now, returning to the car itself, we'd like to take a little trip under the hood of this compact retro machine. This is where we find what Toyota aficionados call a 1UZ-FE 4.0. In English, this means we're dealing with a naturally aspirated 4-liter V8.

While most Hachi-Rokus rely on their balanced handling to deliver thrills, this is clearly a machine that doesn't think powaaah is unimportant - you can see the delicious engine compartment contents in the pics below (we must thank Kamikaze Drift for the photos).

OK, but what about the Rauh-Welt prt of the story?

As for the ultra-wide body kit, which obviously required a custom wheel setup, we're dealing with quite a twist here - notice the Rauh-Welt sticker on the windshield, which obviously has to do with Japanese tuner Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB)

This isn't the only AE86 we've seen wearing such a sticker. RWB is basically a one man show performed by Akira Nakai, who only works on air-cooled Porsches - here's a sample of the artist's work.

However, Nakai-san's roots saw the Rauh-World team drifting AE86 Toyotas, so this is a nod to the retro days of the man. The team no longer exists these days, with the rumor mill talking about Akira Nakai's uncompromising ways standing in the way of such a partnership.


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