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V6 Jaguar F-Type vs. V12 Aston Martin Rapide S: Which One Sounds Better?

Vehicle Virgins is like the 9GAG equivalent of an automotive review channel. It's all about stirring an initial reaction and not thinking too much about the details. Recently, these guys made a video where they ask the interwebs if the V12 engine of the Aston Martin Rapide S sounds twice as good as the V6 of the Jaguar F-Type Coupe.
V6 Jaguar F-Type vs. V12 Aston Martin Rapide S: What Sounds Better? 1 photo
It's a stupid question, since you can't quantify sound. Does a lion sound twice as good as a domestic cat? Is the sound made by a dishwasher better than that of a microwave oven?

Of course, playing favorites is a typical game for car guys, so there's no shortage of comments on Youtube. Somebody even explained that the Jaguar sounds like someone you hang out with, and the Aston is like your best friend. The things we find on the internet never cease to amaze us!

These two cars are somewhat similar because both are made in Britain and have an exotic appearance. But while the F-Type is strictly a two-seater, the Rapide S is Aston Martin's only sedan. They have as much in common as the BMW M3 and Mercedes-Maybach S600.

Based on engine sound alone, which would you buy? Keep in mind that the F-Type S is much cheaper than any Aston Martin. The supercharged V6 makes some thrilling popping sounds, and the rest of the powertrain isn't bad either. You see, while Jaguar uses the excellent 8-speed automatic from ZF, all of Aston's gearboxes have been criticized.

In theory, Aston Martin has the more prestigious badge, but they've made lots of so-so cars and lost that "James Bond" appeal. Meanwhile, the F-Type is probably the most desirable coupe available for under $100,000 right now.

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