V12 Lamborghini Gallardo Has Exposed Engine Compartment, Big Wheels

One might throw a glance at the Lamborghini Gallardo we have here and think that the world wide web has gone crazy. Then again, the rendering sitting before is more than an attempt to draw attention. In fact, this heavily reworked machine reflects some of the aspects that can be found out there, in the real tuning realm.
V12 Lamborghini Gallardo Has Exposed Engine Compartment: rendering 1 photo
Now, before we move any further into this tale, here's why you might be experiencing deja vu. You see, this pixel play is actually the second reinterpretation of a work we've discussed in the past (here's the first one, in case you were wondering about the phases this virtual build went through).

The piece comes from digital artist Yasid Oozeear, who constantly enjoys playing with famous machines in way that sent purists on a rage trip.

Returning to the said connection to the real world, the exposed engine compartment of this Lambo can be seen on real-life projects. For instance, there's a Lamborghini Espada hot rod sporting such a feature, as well as Alex Choi's Huracan "rally car".

Heck, even the rear bumper delete trend allowing everybody to gaze at the twin-turbo kits of Huracans and Gallardos should be mentioned here.

Then there's the huge wing - more and more Huracan owners are installing such aero elements, not least because it brings the look of their machines closer to that of the Huracan Performante.

Last, but certainly not least, the crazy wrap of this Sant'Agata Bolognese comes straight from reality, having been borrowed from a V12 model - check out the Aventador wrap of social media star POG below and you'll understand.

P.S.: Not quite sure why this Gallardo has been rendered with a V12, though, as this isn't exactly the top priority of somebody who sets out to do a Raging Bull build...

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Est-ce que je retire le wrap de la Pogtador ? Votez en commentaire, c'est vous qui décidez. Est-il temps de revenir aux sources, peut être de passer à autre chose ? ou la Pogtador ne sera plus la Pogtador si on la dévêt de sa parure scandaleuse ? C'est vous qui dites. Et demain je pose la question pour la McPog, après-demain pour la Pogini, enfin pour le Pogoo d / Do I remove the Pogtador wrap? Vote in the comments, it's you who will decide. Is it time to go back to original look or perhaps a whole new look? Or will the Pogtador no longer be the Pogtador if I strip away this scandalous wrap? It's up to you. And tomorrow I’ll ask the same question for the McPog, the day after tomorrow for the Pogini and last but not least for the Pogoo d

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