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UTV with Massive Digital F1 Aero Looks Dangerously Sharp and Pointy

If there is one thing about the world of renderings that is particularly appealing, that would be the freedom it grants digital artists. No matter how controversial or unlikely the end design is, it can always be achieved with ease by talented hands that sometimes circumvent the rules of car design.
UTV with F1 aero 11 photos
UTV with F1 aeroUTV with F1 aeroUTV with F1 aeroUTV with F1 aeroUTV with F1 aeroUTV with F1 aeroUTV with F1 aeroUTV with F1 aeroUTV with F1 aeroUTV with F1 aero
Generally we try to bring to your attention renderings that, with more or less work, could have a chance at becoming real-world vehicles. We’re not sure this thing here fits the bill, but it is too extreme to let pass without a closer look.

We're not even sure how to classify this thing. Created by “self-taught concept artist” Khyzyl Saleem, it started life as a more or less nondescript utility terrain vehicle (UTV) and was “ruined,” as the designer says, by being digitally slapped with a great deal of Formula 1-inspired aero elements.

Generally speaking, UTVs are no-nonsense machines, having been created more than anything else as tools needed to conduct this or that work. Unlike their ATV brethren, they’re larger, more powerful, and perfectly equipped to also entertain passengers sitting side by side while going, not-that-fast, over uneven terrain.

At the opposite end are Formula 1 cars, bred to be driven extremely fast over perfectly straight racing circuits. To help them in both reaching insane speeds and staying glued to the tarmac, all sorts of aero elements are used.

Aero elements an UTV would probably have no use for. But remember, this is the world of renderings we’re talking about, with all the freedom it allows its inhabitants, and this is how this unique creation was born.

Sporting large such elements both front and rear, the UTV is all angles and sharp edges, “suspension is probably broken by this point,” and only the special KMC Wheels seem as a right fit for the build.

And, if you think the UTV looks simply nuts in this configuration, think Khyzyl Saleem may be planning a digger with aero elements for his next project.


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