Utopia IV Was Bad Juju for Some, but It Could Be Your Ticket to Instagram-Worthy Paradise

Superyachts stand as a symbol of making it in this lifetime. However, this next one is considered by some as one of the industry's unluckiest vessels but is still available for charter to explore the seven seas. Let's see what this ship has in store for its guests and why it's so "unlucky."
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Photo: Rossinavi
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Folks, Utopia IV is a ship that was completed back in 2018, which means that it's practically a toddler in terms of superyacht terms. Best of all, like most other ships on the market, this one is up for charter. For no less than €505K ($535K at current exchange rates) a week, you and 11 other guests can live it up in style and comfort and take part in activities reserved for the wilder at heart.

But, as young as Utopia may be, it's been involved in some rather unfortunate events. The first and foremost is the yachting equivalent of a car crash. While out in the Bahamas back in December 2021, Utopia managed to smash into and pierce the hull of a 160 ft (49 m) tanker.

Funny enough, the Utopia seems to be built like a G-Wagon because, while it floated away with nothing more than a few scratches along the hull, the 30-year-old taker it struck sank like a rock to a depth of 2,000 ft (609 m). Luckily, everyone was rescued with their lives, and Utopia carries on even today.

Utopia IV
Photo: Rossinavi
Part two of the bad juju to encircle this vessel has to do with its owners. After the December 2021 incident, months later, the world was informed that Utpoia's owner, JR Ridinger, had passed away. In short, as long as you don't own Utopia IV, you'll be okay. I kid; you'll be fine no matter what, and these things happen. It's just odd timing.

All this brings me to the most important aspect of Utopia: the lifestyle you can access for those Instagram-worthy shots you so desire. So, call up your friends, ready your checkbooks, and let's see what sort of "Utopian" experience we can receive.

Now, Utopia is built by none other than Rossinavi, the one and the same responsible for countless ships on international waters and whose work we've featured on countless occasions. If you've checked out the image gallery already, you can understand why we've done this. Be sure to check out the video tour below.

For the remainder of this short piece of literature, I want you to imagine that money is no object and that you're sitting aboard Utopia as we speak. Picture yourself aft, standing above the beach club, looking back at the vessel's wake and the world you left behind. From here, turn around slowly and view the towering decks that make up the Utopia. You'll be calling this place home for the next week or so.

Utopia IV
Photo: Rossinavi
At this stage, you'll be able to take in and appreciate the work of two other crews involved in Utopia's birth, Arrabito Naval Architects and Enrico Gobbi's Team For Design. It's these two teams that are responsible for the sensuous and fluid curves of Utopia and its superstructure, not to mention the interior design we see.

One neat aspect of this superyacht is the way it doesn't rise vertically so much but rather horizontally. This allows for seemingly endless interior rooms and halls and a feeling that this ship just doesn't ever end! Once we take in all the reflective surfaces we see in the image gallery, walking into a wall while a bit under the influence seems a very real possibility.

Don't get me wrong, once anchored, Utopia unfurls its outdoor magic in all its splendor. Sure, there's a sun deck, ready with lounge pads and beds and other outdoor areas on subsequent decks, but the real attraction is the beach club.

Once you've found that spot in the middle of uncharted seas, set anchor and ask the crew to ready all the toys that await you and your family or friends. The first stage is to unfurl a portion of Utopia's hull outward, in the process creating an amazing beach club from where you can launch your jet skis, dive into local waters, or sit around and soak up some sun.

Utopia IV
Photo: Rossinavi
It's also here that you'll be able to board your Williams tender, the jet skis I mentioned, inflatable kayaks, paddleboards, wakeboards, and water skis. Yes, there's snorkeling gear too. Best of all, if things get too hot, this space is accompanied by an interior lounge to help you escape the heat. Kick back, have a drink, and wait for the next cannonball contest.

Then there's the front of the Utopia; what, you thought that all the fun is only at the back? No, no, no. The bow of this vessel doesn't just house the toy crane and an outdoor garage, but there's a massive, nearly beam-to-beam sun bed ready for those who don't mind taking on the sun full frontal.

For the remainder of your trip, you'll cycle between these spaces and activities, and once your time is up, you may find yourself clinging to this beast's railings. Why? Just revert to paragraph one and read all this one more time.

What's the takeaway from such an experience? Think about how many people you know that can say they've chartered a superyacht. Okay, so you don't care about the neighbors. Then, think about the joy you'll bring to your family and close friends when you surprise them with a vacation they'll never forget.

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