US Top Gear's Host Crashes His Toyota

The newly acquired Top Gear presenter of the US version flipped his car on one side in Hollywood, California.

After being hit by another car from behind, Eric Stromer and his Hybrid drive Toyota Camry rolled up onto its passenger side and stopped in a palm tree, Jalopnik reported. The accident was considered light because no airbags were deployed.

Emerging from its car quite startled, Stromer said in a radio interview during the Adam Corolla (the future host of Top Gear USA) radio show that his "main" concern after getting out was to see if his newly purchased "triple grande nonfat latte" wasn't spilled.

American fans of Top Gear UK are looking forward to having their own Top Gear show just like their Australian friends. According to NBC reality chief, Craig Plestis, many car makers have shown interest in the American version of the show.

Presenter of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno, also a huge car enthusiast who originally turned down offers to host the show, is predicting that the show may lack the UK's version critical reviews thus the possibility of offending the sponsors through their poor reviews leading to a compromise in both the freedom of the show and the journalistic integrity that the UK version is known for.

Announced as the third and last of the hosts that will present Top Gear USA, Eric Stromer is thought to be the equivalent of the UK's version James May, from the facts that he drives a hybrid car, wears leather arm straps and is an all round eco-friendly type of person.
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