US to Increase Number of Publich Charging Stations by 40% in 2013

The number of public charging points for EVs, on US territory, is increasing rapidly. Only last month, they installed a total of 170 such stations all across the country, and they plan to increase the total number by a whopping 40% in 2013, according to the US Department of Energy.
Charging Station Map of US 1 photo
There are currently an impressive 5,365 stations Stateside, which is up from the number recored on December 18, when there were 'only' 5,199. Around 20% of the total number of stations are located in EV-friendly California, where 20 were added just last month.

Furthermore, there is a discrepancy between the number of charging points on the country's two coasts, and of course it's the West Coast which has a more developed infrastructure, harbouring one third of all the stations.

The states of Texas and Florida come second and third, after California, with 400 and 351 charging point respectively.

If they keep up the effort at this rate, it will be a matter of (a few) years before the entire US territory is completely covered by the grid, and taking an EV cross-country won`t be the adventure it is today.


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