US National Parks Getting EV Charging Stations

While you may not necessarily associate national parks and electric cars, according to the Huffington Post, some US national parks will begin the installation of EV charging points, in order to encourage drivers to make the trip to the park in their green cars, charge their cars there, and then drive back.
Great Smoky Mountain cca. 1955 1 photo
So far, Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park, Utah’s Zion National Park and Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountain National Park have announced that they will be adding the charging stations. This will enable tourists to drive through the parks, without harming one single leaf, blade of grass or bear cub.

Of the three parks, Zion National Park will also install solar panels, in order to supply the charging infrastructure with power. Also, Black Bear Solar Institute has built 24 charging points along the Tennessee roads, leading up to Great Smoky Mountain National Park, in order to allow even those with the most limited of ranges to get there.


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