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US Fuel Prices Drop Unexpectedly

Contrary to popular expectations, US fuel prices are going down, despite the fact that each year, around the same period at the beginning of summer, is marked by an increase in petrol and diesel prices.
Refueling is becoming cheaper and there's no sign of an increase in the near future. 1 photo
According to the US Energy Information Administration, the month of May has marked a noticeable decrease in the price of fuel in the US, with diesel being 3% cheaper at $4.004 (€3.115) per gallon and petrol being 4% cheaper at $3.754 (€2.921) per gallon, which also marks 5% drop when compared to May 2011.

Prices are going to drop further, though at a lower rate than they have done until now, and no rise in the price is expected for the near future. We can only be pleased with this news and we hope the predictions are accurate as we have suffered enough with the recent extreme fuel prices.


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