U.S. Customers Now Able to Get Their Own KTM X-Bow

While the Austrian manufacturer is yet to make a move in this direction, the guys at British Racing Group (BRG) have eventually managed to find a way to bring the highly anticipated KTM X-Bow to the United States. Specifically, the company has taken upon itself to bring the majority of the car to the US in the form of a kit car, which means that customers will have to do some extra moves to acquire the engine and the transaxle.

“The North American specification KTM X-Bow is classified as a special construction vehicle by the EPA, NHSTA and state departments of transportation. As such, it is sold without engine and transaxle,” British Racing Group says.

The company has also released the tech specs of the KTM X-Bow, but not without mentioning that the engines and transaxle specified in the document are the suggested drivetrain for North American consumers. It failed to give any pricing details though.

Once fully functional, thanks to the basic version's light weight (about 790 kg / 1,742 lbs) and the 240 hp Audi 2.0 TFSI engine, the KTM X-Bow will be able to accelerate to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.9 seconds.

“And its fuel consumption and pollution emissions are comparable to those of a compact car with a high-quality engine,” a company statement reads. “Driving the KTM X-Bow becomes an experience with an immediacy that otherwise can only be felt when driving a motorcycle or a Formula 1 racecar.”

X-Bow tech specs are listed below:

• ENGINE: 4-Cylinder Turbocharged Petrol with Direct Injection
• Displacement: 1984cc
• Power: 240bhp @ 5500RPM
• Torque: 310NM (229 lb/ft) @ 5500RPM
• Valves: 4 Per Cylinder DOHC
• Dimensions: L = 3.738m, W = 1.915m, H = 1.202m
• Wheelbase: 2.430m
• Height of Centre of Gravity: 390mm
• Wheel Track: Front 1.672m, Rear 1.626m
• Turning Circle: 10.8m
• Fuel Tank: 40 ltrs
• Fuel Consumption: Appx 39 mpg
• CO2 Emission: 106g/mile
• Accelleration from 0-62mph: 3.9s
• Stopping distance from 62 - 0 mph: 32.9m
• Aerodynamic downforce at 62 mph: 48kg
• Aerodynamic downforce at 124 mph: 193kg
• Lateral g-force with track tyres: 1.5G
• Weight Distribution (front/rear): 37:63
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