U.S. Billionaire Industrialist’s $250M Secretive Superyacht Is Turning Heads in Vancouver

It’s one thing to hear about a superyacht and another to see it up close. The stunning Attessa IV is a mysterious private pleasure craft that hasn’t revealed its secrets to the public, but people passing by Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver recently got the chance to admire this beast in all of its glory.
The Attessa IV is an award-winning refitted superyacht 7 photos
Attessa IV SuperyachtAttessa IV SuperyachtAttessa IV SuperyachtAttessa IV SuperyachtAttessa IV SuperyachtAttessa IV Superyacht
Billionaires’ luxury toy collections must include at least one superyacht. That’s a fact. But in the case of this particular ultra-rich industrialist, his passion for boats has been described as “an obsession.” That’s because, according to Forbes, he owned nine of them over the course of 36 years, currently holding on to four, including two superyachts and a tugboat. Dennis Washington is in his ‘80s and still enjoying spending time onboard the majestic Attessa IV.

Another thing that’s special about Washington, who owns a copper mine, a shipbuilding company, and a regional railroad, is that he preferred to go for older yachts and refit them instead of buying brand-new, custom ones, as many billionaires do. Attessa IV is no exception. With an estimated worth of $250 million, this massive 331-footer (100 meters) was built more than two decades ago in Japan by Evergreen Shipyard.

In 2011, the Dutch company Diana Yacht Design carried out the vessel’s complete refit, so successful that it won the World Superyacht Award for the Best Rebuilt Yacht that year. As we’ve said, the Attessa IV has remained mysterious, but we know that it includes a swimming pool, a large helipad, a generous entertainment area featuring a large karaoke bar and a full dance floor, and no less than 14 luxurious cabins. According to the Dutch rebuilder, its crew area is far more generous compared to other superyachts its size.

Attessa IV’s performance is no less impressive. Its cruising speed of 18 knots (20.7 mph/33.3 kph) is greater than that of many other superyachts, and its range extends to over 7,600 nautical miles (8,745 miles/14,000 km).

The Daily Hive reports that the majestic rebuilt superyacht is currently turning heads in North Vancouver. It’s most likely undergoing repairs here, as it did two years ago when it was also spotted in the area – a rare glimpse into a billionaire’s unique collection of boats.


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