Upway Refurbishes E-Bikes and Dumps Them Back Onto the Streets for Thousands Less

I'm not going to lie: to be able to pick up a virtually new e-bike for up to 60% less than the MSRP is something that has my bells ringing. Well, that's precisely what Upway promises, so hang on to your helmets for this one because e-biking just got a whole lot cheaper.
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I'll be honest, I love riding anything on two wheels, but it's not every day that I have thousands of dollars to blow on a new bike or e-bike. Well, Upway is changing all that. If you've never heard of this crew, it's time. Why? Simply because this European crew has made it their business to refurbish and resell e-bikes. Best of all, there's a center in New York, too, so Americans can take advantage of all you're about to read.

Now, the idea behind Upway is rather simple. Take e-bikes that have seen any degree of use, inspect them, repair them, and then put them back on the streets for a price that'll make you question if you should buy a brand-new machine ever again. Best of all, each bike offered by Upway comes with a one-year warranty and even a return policy in case you don't like what you get.

So, why is all this a big deal, and why should you care? Well, let's dive in and see just what's possible with this crew. While I was exploring all that Upway has to offer, I began to understand just what this crew is doing. For example, I ran across a 2021 Turbo Levo Comp e-MTB from Specialized that has 11 mi on its clock, selling for a flat $5,000 (€4,700 at current exchange rates). That's a machine that normally sells for no less than $7,500 (€7,000)! $2,500 cheaper for just 11 mi (18 km) of use. It's even got the original battery and motor on it, cranking out a whopping 90 Nm (66 ft-lb) of torque. Sure, it's a size XL frame, and that may be one reason why it's having trouble finding a new home, but everything else, tip-top shape. Maybe you want a 2022 Orbea Rise with less than 5 mi on it reduced to $5,250 (€4,900) from $7,400. What? Wait, where am I? This is still Earth, right?

VanMoof S3
Photo: Upway
Not into mountain bikes? Not a problem! Maybe you're the king of cyclist that loves roads in all their shapes and forms and ups and downs. You can get your hands on a Yamaha Wabash road e-bike with less than 5 mi (8 km) for $2,700 (€2,500), reduced from $3,500. Yes, Yamaha is one of the names I ran across, but so is Harley-Davidson, well, sort of. I ran across a 2022 Serial 1 (Harley's e-bike brand) Rush/CTY speed selling for $3,050 (€2,840), down from $5,000.

Ok, ok, I understand. All that's still a bit out of the average Joe's budget, but don't worry; I wouldn't be wasting your time. Suppose you start to explore the city and urban e-bikes found on Upway's website. In that case, you'll lock eyes with some interesting specimens, all well within what a non-Olympic cyclist would be willing to pay.

Considering that VanMoof is a really hot name right now, let me start with an S3 with 52 mi (84 km) going for $1,950 (€1,800). Everything is in "very good condition," with only some light scratches on the frame and gear. Someone may have forgotten how to use their brakes. Want a Specialized Turbo Como 4.0? Just $2,700 (€2,500). How about an Aventon Sinch for $1,200 (€1,100) with less than 5 mi on it too? Listen, I could sit here and run through all the brands I found, names like Specialized, Trek, Serial 1, Super73, and many more, but I leave that to you.

Serial 1 Rush/Cty Speed
Photo: Upway
My question is how all this is possible. Well, two ways. The first has to do with riders like you and me. If you've got an e-bike that doesn't fit, you happened to have a spill with it, or just don't like it; you can sell it through Upway. You, yes, you, can drop a few photos on Upway's website, followed by a short description, and then it's up to Upway to confirm your offer. If someone happens to buy your bike, you'll receive the cash after confirmation of its condition.

The second way this crew is making all this possible is by taking in retailer, bike shop, and even manufacturer overstock and crunching it out for near production costs. Some of these bikes look like they could have been test subjects at local shops; others may have been dropped during the assembly process. Who knows, and frankly, who cares? You're getting an e-bike at thousands less than you'd pay for a new one.

Again, these beasts have been used, some more than others, so take the time to comb through the countless pages of e-bikes that can be found on Upway's website. I did the same and was surprised at how easy it was for me to find the sort of bike I wanted. Best of all, I was blown away at being able to pay $1,000 or less for an electrified two-wheeler that I'll probably have for a few years.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery include an array of e-bikes found on Upway's website.

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