UPS Increases Hybrid Fleet by 200

One of the largest shipping companies in the US, UPS announced today it has increased the size of its fuel-efficient, eco-friendly fleet by adding an extra 200 hybrid-powered vehicles to routes in eight US cities.

"We're proud of this large HEV deployment to major cities in the United States," said Bob Stoffel, UPS senior vice president of supply chain, strategy, engineering and sustainability. "This technology, where properly used, can yield a 35 percent fuel savings, the equivalent of 100 conventional UPS delivery vehicles."

Together, the new hybrids are expected to reduce fuel consumption by 176,000 gallons in one year, when compared with regular diesel powered vehicles, as well as cut CO2 emission levels by 1,786 metric tons.

As with every other hybrid, the ones used by UPS pair a diesel engine with a lithium ion battery pack and employs technologies like regenerative braking and electric power.

The hybrid powertrains are wrapped in either Workhorse Custom Chassis or Freightliner Custom Chassis. They are not the only green vehicles in UPS' lineup, as the shipping company already uses compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, propane and electricity across the lineup.

"The wide variety of technologies in our green fleet is indicative of the UPS 'rolling laboratory' philosophy to energy efficiency and reduced fuel consumption," Stoffel said. "Our goal is to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, but there is no silver bullet technology to achieve this. This dependence will rely on a multi-modal approach."


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