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Upgraded Red F-150 SVT Lightning Is Ready To Find a New Home

Some people have already forgotten the F-150 SVT Lightning, and they might get shocked by how easily this truck can smoke its rear tires and most of the cars in traffic, and it's anything but subtle.
F-150 SVT Lightning 13 photos
F-150 SVT LightningF-150 SVT LightningF-150 SVT LightningF-150 SVT LightningF-150 SVT LightningF-150 SVT LightningF-150 SVT LightningF-150 SVT LightningF-150 SVT LightningF-150 SVT LightningF-150 SVT LightningF-150 SVT Lightning
Ford launched the second generation of the F-150 SVT Lightning in 1999. The truck was re-worked by the wizards from Ford Special Vehicle Team, and they burnt the midnight oil to create something truly special. While it wasn't sold in high numbers, its (then) hefty MSRP of about $30,000 was big enough to scare some people away. Still, the blue-oval brand sold 4,000 of these in 1999 alone. Nowadays, you may order a Mustang Convertible with the same money. Or not...

The F-150 SVT Lightning was available only for the regular cab and short-bed version only. Yet, it offered room for two and a child on the bench, with a jumpseat in the middle. This bad boy comes with a 5.4-liter supercharged V8 that sends the power to the rear wheels via a four-speed automatic.

The car left the factory in 1999 with 360 hp, but since under previous ownership, the car was upgraded with an aftermarket intercooler for the Eaton supercharger and a K&N air intake, it might have more. These modifications are close to what Ford did for the SVT Lightning in 2001 when it upgraded the model and power jumped by 20 horses. But the seller didn't brag about the nowadays value.

The red model that you see here shows just 67,000 miles (107,800 km) on the odo, and it's in very good shape. It has some wrinkles here and there. After all, it spent quite a few years on the road before being auctioned by TEAuto on the Bring a Trailer website. The selling dealer bought it three years ago and started to work on it. Then, the pandemic started, and everything slowed down.

But now, the truck is ready to find a new home. Even though it wasn't a frame-off restoration and the pickup was not dismantled, it was carefully upgraded. Moreover, the 18" alloys are fitted with fresh Nitto tires both front and back.

Some might remember, but a red pickup like this one was used by Paul Walker in the 2001 "The Fast and the Furious" movie. Even though it is not that one, it is the same Bright Red Clearcoat (E4) color. This truck also features tinted sliding rear windows and black door mirror caps, Lightning badges, and dual side-exit exhausts. But if you want to see this F-150 SVT in person, you should pack and go to Connellsville, Pennsylvania, where it resides. The auction will end on July 13.

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