Modified Nissan Aryia Goes on 17,000-Mile Pole to Pole Journey, It's for EVs' Sake

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Photo: Nissan
Upgraded Nissan Aryia for the Pole to Pole ExpeditionThe Traveling Couple and the Upgraded Nissan Aryia for the Pole to Pole ExpeditionUpgraded Nissan Aryia for the Pole to Pole ExpeditionUpgraded Nissan Aryia for the Pole to Pole ExpeditionUpgraded Nissan Aryia for the Pole to Pole ExpeditionUpgraded Nissan Aryia for the Pole to Pole Expedition vs. Normal AryiasUpgraded Nissan Aryia for the Pole to Pole ExpeditionUpgraded Nissan Aryia for the Pole to Pole ExpeditionUpgraded Nissan Aryia for the Pole to Pole Expedition
Nissan’s Aryia comes with a clever all-wheel-drive system thanks to its dual-motor setup. Called e-4ORCE, this control technology allows the stylish crossover SUV to remain more stable on the road during winter. In combination with independent brake control, this vehicle promises to follow the driver’s instructions while also protecting them from possible mishaps. But this is just our take from the automaker’s marketing brochure. Fortunately, Nissan thought of a great idea to prove the capabilities of its newest EV – a 17,000-mi (27,359-km) trip from the magnetic North Pole to the South Pole.
How can you convince everyone about electric vehicles (EVs) being reliable in virtually any environment? Well, selling as many as you can in various markets is a great idea. Imagine the feedback you can receive and use for development! However, doing some crazy or extreme challenges would also be a good strategy. For those among us who are thirsty for a new adventure, Nissan chose the latter. It’s going to be a wild ride that is supposed to prove an EV like the new Aryia can withstand temperature changes, tough weather, rough roads, and other specific challenges that will be met by the couple driving the all-electric crossover SUV from the top to the bottom of the Earth.

You might have looked at the main picture and believed that this Aryia is in no way something that can prove EVs are reliable for such long, grueling adventures. “Just look at its wheels!” right? Well, those 39-inch BF Goodrich chonkers are needed to escape the cold desert that is the North Pole. This also meant that the suspension system had to be improved a bit. But the Japanese automaker did not change the 87-kWh battery with a bigger one, nor did it alter the powertrain. The crossover still puts out 389 hp (394 ps) and 442 lb-ft (600 Nm) of torque thanks to its dual-motor setup.

The couple that’s taking the Aryia from the magnetic North Pole to the South Pole will need to charge the car somehow. Since Electrify America, Ionity, Tesla, EVgo, ChargePoint, Rivian, or other similar networks didn’t manage to expand their DC stalls to extremely remote areas, they will have to deal with a creative solution. Their choice? A prototype trailer that comes with a wind turbine and solar panels. You might’ve thought of diesel generators, but no! This Pole to Pole trip is about proving that sustainability can work even in the worst possible environments and they can be reliable on amazing, testing journeys like this one.

Upgraded Nissan Aryia for the Pole to Pole Expedition vs\. Normal Aryias
Photo: Nissan
But the Aryia used for the expedition isn’t just another average crossover. Besides the new wheels and suspension system, the vehicle comes with an espresso machine, a weather station, and a drone that might help the couple scan what’s ahead of them. This way, they can find the best possible route when there are no indicators, no good vantage points, or, you know… Roads.

Arctic Trucks helped Nissan prepare the Aryia for this impressive escapade and the company said it found “the right DNA” at the Japanese automaker for their upgrades to work as envisioned.

The 17,000-mile journey will take the adventurers through 14 countries. It’ll take them 10 months to reach the South Pole. This is a world first. We will follow their journey and keep you informed about what the couple will discover along the route.

Both travelers say they’re excited and ready to start the groundbreaking journey. Nissan’s EV division is going to have a couple of tense months ahead of them. If they manage to pull this impressive trip off, then the automaker will surely make headlines across the world.

Lastly, keep in mind the magnetic North Pole is changing its location over time. In the 1900s it was found in northern Canada. Today, it's sitting closer to the geographic North Pole.

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