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Updated 2022 Volkswagen Polo GTI Gets Digitally Teased Ahead of Worthersee Meet

The German automaker is preparing itself digitally for the traditional GTI weekend event usually taking place on Lake Wörthersee in Austria. Both literally and figuratively, because the meeting is again unable to take place physically because of the current health crisis. Still, that won’t stop the brand from bringing out a digital teaser for the upgraded 2021 Polo GTI in the form of a spicy design sketch.
2022 Volkswagen Polo GTI teased in design rendering 3 photos
2022 Volkswagen Polo GTI teased in design rendering2022 Volkswagen Polo GTI teased in design rendering
We have already seen the subtly enhanced looks of the 2022 Polo, and everyone knows very well that its sportier 2022 Polo GTI sibling is just around the corner to spice up the series and deliver more Autobahn hot hatch shenanigans.

And this time around we’re not basing the assumptions upon the unofficial virtual artist creation, but on Volkswagen’s own words, since the new Polo GTI is now “in the starting blocks.” As such, we have an official teaser in the form of a design sketch that reveals the (exaggerated) first impression for the subcompact hot hatch.

The company claims the mid-life cycle revamp is bringing with it a “sharper, full of power and dynamism” take on the Polo GTI, and we’re glad to announce it won’t take long before we can verify if their words hold true (after all, they don’t have a very positive track record with being honest), since the official unveiling event has been scheduled for some time towards the end of June.

As per tradition, we’re not expecting major changes to the flagship version – it's still going to be front-wheel driven, sport the most dynamic handling feel of the series, and feature things such as a specifically-tuned sports chassis, along with a TSI engine to make the Grand Touring Injection nameplate proud.

In terms of styling, for now all we have to discuss is the front-end view (yes, everyone is wondering if even the GTI has fake rear exhausts), and we can’t say that we’re too surprised. The Golf GTI-inspired cues were pretty much a given considering the 2022 Polo treatment, while for once it’s going to be an easy task to differentiate these Volkswagens.

That’s because it’s pretty much obvious that aside from the red strip above the wide light bar the Polo GTI also inherits the interesting LED daytime running lights to compliment the (probably fake) honeycomb air intakes, but the modules have been slimmed down from five pieces on each side to just a couple for the smaller sibling.

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