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Upcoming Need For Speed Movie will Feature BMW E9

It's been almost 20 years since the first Need for Speed game was released and the world still loves it. In the short history of video games involving cars, no other franchise was more successful.
BMW E9 2800CS Filming for Need for Speed Movie 1 photo
Since adapting video games to big screen movies has become more than a trend these days, it was only natural that a Need for Speed film was bound to show up. The Internet Movie Database tells us that this will happen on the game's 20th birthday, next year.

That's great news. Finally a movie that will compete with the Fast and Furious series that will seemingly never end. However, making such a movie brings forth a lot of problems. What cars to choose? Who will play the main character? Which of the series' 20 reiterations will be chosen to be screened?

We don't know at the moment. However, what we do know is that it will be epic! How can we say that without knowing a thing about the script? Well, take a look at the amazing car line-up they put together in the clip below.

We'll tell you that if you're really sharp, you'll even spot the legendary BMW E9 2800CS with its revolutionary M30 engine. We know that compared to the hypercars that will be on screen, this seems like less of a legend, but the E9 reached that status through its impact on the industry and not the great performances that pushed it beyond its limits.


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