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Unwrapping a Lamborghini Aventador: What Happens When You Remove the Second Skin

With wraps having now become a common matter, many car owners who consider such an option still wonder what happens once they decided to remove the second skin of their ride.
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To answer this question, we've brought along the footage below, which shows an unwrapping process that involves nothing less than a Lamborghini Aventador.

Sure, the cappuccino-gold (at least that's how it looks to our eyes) wrap of this Raging Bull is certainly more impressive than the black finish it received over in Sant'Agata Bolognese, but this owner decided he had had enough of the wrap, willing to bring the V12 supercar back to its original condition.

As you'll be able to notice in the clip, you don't need too much to ensure things go smoothly. A heat gun and a set of patient hands (or two) will do the job.This is the worst time to think about ways to cut corners
Don't expect things to go overly smoothly, though - this is where the patience comes in handy. Oh, and there's another key detail you should keep in mind. This is one of those situations when you shouldn't even consider cutting corners. For instance, if a vent needs to be pulled out in order to ensure the success of the operation, do it without hesitating.

Once the wrap is reduced to a pile of garbage, make sure you give the car a nice polish. Sure, the finish of the car may have been protected from sun and dust, but it still needs this.

Providing that the wrap was applied using quality products in the first place and that you don't leave it on the car for ages, you should be able to complete the clean-up operation without worrying about what you find under the vinyl. See you on the other side of the color palette.

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