Unrestored 1969 Pontiac GTO Sees Daylight After 15 Years, Starts Right Up

It makes no sense to discuss how important the Pontiac GTO has always been for the automotive culture, not only in the States but elsewhere too. That is why it’s really not a surprise that so many people are still dreaming about parking one on their porch at one point in their lives.
1969 Pontiac GTO 5 photos
1969 Pontiac GTO1969 Pontiac GTO1969 Pontiac GTO1969 Pontiac GTO
Well, if you’re in the market searching for a GTO that doesn’t cost a fortune, here’s one that’s definitely worth checking out.

Mind you, there’s something we must emphasize from the very beginning: a low price tag also means the car doesn’t come in its best shape, so be ready for some extra investments as well, especially if you’re searching for a tip-top daily driver.

And while it obviously isn’t in mind condition, the 1969 GTO that we’re highlighting today has all the attributes that a strong candidate for a full restoration needs in the first place.

So yes, it’s a 1969 GTO that has never been restored, and what’s more, it has spent the last 15 years sitting in the same place. The Craigslist seller says the car has only recently got a second chance after being pulled from a barn, and more importantly, the matching numbers 400 under the hood started right up with a new battery and fresh fuel.

While we’re not told how original everything still is on this GTO, there’s a chance the car hasn’t been molested substantially, especially since it spent so many years in storage.

On the other hand, we’re not provided with too many photos, so a visual inspection is certainly recommended if you want to get a clearer picture of this GTO.

There’s some rust here and there, especially on the floors, so be ready for some serious patching work.

As for the price, the Craigslist seller says they’re ready to let the car go for $10,900. You can check it out live in Sweetwater, Tennessee. Of course, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to drive it home given it’s not yet road-worthy.

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