Unlimited Engineering Slams Us With a Universal e-Bike Kit

So, you want an e-bike, but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend? You want an e-bike, but you just can’t let go of your old Peugeot frame? It’s simple, you want an e-bike. Well, now you can have one, and you can have it without costing thousands or even dropping you already dear-to-heart frame.
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Photo: Unlimited Engineering
Unlimited e-Bike KitUnlimited e-Bike KitUnlimited e-Bike KitUnlimited e-Bike KitUnlimited e-Bike KitUnlimited e-Bike KitUnlimited e-Bike KitUnlimited e-Bike KitUnlimited e-Bike KitUnlimited e-Bike KitUnlimited e-Bike KitUnlimited e-Bike Kit
The team at Unlimited is bringing us a kit that can take near any bike already on the market, and simply transform it into an electric within minutes. It’s all thanks to the tech these guys have been working on for the past two years. But don’t think that this sort of idea takes that little time to perfect. No. The team has been working with adaptative e-tech for years, but mostly on long-boards. And it was only natural to step into a larger market at one point.

Thanks to Unlimited, your old dusty Huffy from ’95 that’s been gathering dust in a corner of your garage is ready to see some road conditions again. And this time, you won’t be throwing her back in the garage.

Just imagine this for a second. Everyone has gotten their e-bike kit. Suddenly, you start seeing lowriders, foldables, roadsters and even mountain bikes, all with 'Unlimited' branded on the side. Pretty soon, meetings will be held. Streets closed off just reserved for cruising. Downhill tracks fine-tuned for the battery packs Unlimited offers. OK, maybe I got carried away for a minute, but it is a viable future.

Heck, at just a tad over 500 dollars, even my Cannondale is shouting at me, “Pick me! Pick me!” That’s right! Just over 500 bucks for the SL kit, which is the smaller of the kits offered. Now, don’t start thinking that just because it’s called ‘small’, it doesn’t mean it is. This little juice-box offers a 52V 3Ah 150Wh battery, a front motor wheel with a tire as well, a wireless pedal sensor, and a quick release mounting plate. This is all you need to get up and start riding an e-bike. And this kit offers you a range of 22 miles (35km).

Unlimited e\-Bike Kit
Photo: Unlimited Engineering
The next available option comes in big. Way bigger than the SL. The XR kit is considered to be the long-range option from Unlimited. With a 52V 7Ah 350Wh battery, the XR will give you a range of 50 miles (80 km).

Another option exists for the XR kit called the XR+, and it comes with an accessory harness and a handle-bar mounted display.

That motor on the front wheel, however, is where the magic lies. The team at Unlimited offer multiple sizes for the wheel meaning you can have this kit on a number of different-sized bikes. I personally find the range of applicability absolutely solid. The team even went as far as making the kits street legal for the U.S. and Europe. The U.S. versions allow a top speed of 22 mph (35 kph), while the European version caps out at near 16 mph (25 kph).

Unlimited e\-Bike Kit
Photo: Unlimited Engineering
So, you pre-order your kit on Indiegogo and you receive it in the mail once the Next pods start delivering packages. And now you're sitting in the living room with your Huffy and this kit. Pop on the instruction and in under ten minutes, you are on your way. Seriously, ten minutes.

In case you don’t like the front tire mounted motor, there is an option for a rear wheel mount as well. And with quick-release or bolt on components, that too is able to adapt to a very large range of bikes.

Come on now, you got all the links. You got that old bike waiting. And the world is gonna be opening up here pretty soon. Why not come out of quarantine with that supped up Huffy?
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