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Unlicensed Brat Steals Dad’s Rented Aston Martin Rapide, Crashes it, Flees

Can you spell entitlement? A 20-year-old student from from Gloucestershire, U.K., got a mere slap on the wrist after he totaled a rental car and fled the scene of the accident, causing damages in excess of £35,000.
Aston Martin Rapide wreck caused by unlicensed brat who stole it from his dad and fled 12 photos
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Last November, George Jones was at home from school. He stole his father’s rented Aston Martin Rapide and went for a joyride, but he soon returned home on foot, after wrecking the car in a one-vehicle crash. He didn’t have a license, either, in case you were wondering how far his sense of entitlement went.

In court this week for sentencing, Jones got off very smoothly, with the presiding judge agreeing to give him just one chance at turning his life around. This, despite the fact that he totaled the car and ran from the scene like a coward, in addition to driving without a license. Jones’ defense was, according to the Daily Mail, “ADHD issues.”

His attorney told the court that he hadn’t taken his medication and that’s what prompted him to steal the car, on the same day his father was supposed to return it. He was speeding when he tried to overtake a convoy of cars led by a heavy truck. He clipped the truck and was sent cartwheeling, and landed on the side of the road, on the roof.

The truck driver told the court that the impact was strong enough to make him jump from his seat. When he pulled over, he saw Jones “crawling across the roof of the car,” before climbing out and very matter-of-factly proclaim “I am f***ing off.” And with that, he was gone: police arrested him at his parents’ home.

The judge, though lenient, clearly didn’t buy Jones’ ADHD excuse. “What sort of person chooses to wreck £50,000 of car he has stolen? Just walking away, having been so lucky he did not kill himself,” the judge said upon sentencing.

“You walked away with out a scratch. You used up all the luck anyone would have in a lifetime. I still do not understand why you took it. Yes, you have ADHD issues. But you knew you did not have the right to drive it. You did not have a license, and were not entitled to drive any car. But you chose to steal a vehicle,” the judge continued, before warning Jones he would lock him up on a second offense.

Jones got 8 months detention in a young offenders institute, suspended for 12 months, 250 hours of unpaid work, a 2-year ban on getting a driving license and court costs of £425. Considering he wrecked a £50,000 car that was later written off, he is clearly yet to use up all his luck.


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