Unitree Z1 Robotic Arm Can Pour You a Glass of Wine or Open the Door for You

Unitree’s alien-looking robots have gained a reputation all over the world. The quadrupeds are extremely versatile and have impressive motor skills, being able to run (even backward), roll over, jump, climb, and avoid obstacles. Now, the Chinese robotics company developed a complex robotic arm that is compatible with the bots, further enhancing their capabilities.
Unitree Z1 robotic arm 8 photos
Unitree Z1 robotic armUnitree Z1 robotic armUnitree Z1 robotic armUnitree Z1 robotic armUnitree Z1 robotic armUnitree Z1 robotic armUnitree Z1 robotic arm
Unitree Robotics is renowned for its popular AlienGo and B1 robots, which can perform a variety of complex tasks. But even more useful than a four-legged robot is a four-legged robot that also has a robotic arm installed on its head. The Unitree Z1 is just that, although it has a much broader range of applications.

Weighing approximately 4 kg (8.8 lb), the lightweight and flexible robotic arm is available in an Air version and a Pro one, with the ladder boasting an increased payload capacity. The Z1 Air robotic arm can carry 2 kg (4.4 lb), while the Z1 Pro has a payload of up to 3.5 kg (7.7 lb).

With six DOF (degrees of freedom) and consisting of four segments, the Z1 has a maximum speed of 180 degrees per second, uses the Ubuntu operating system, and has a plethora of applications. It is compatible with mobile robots, including Unitree’s Aliengo and B1 quadrupeds.

The Z1 can use its gripper to grab objects, open doors, pick up a bottle of wine to pour you a glass, and open doors, to offer just a few examples. You can also replace the robotic arm’s gripper with a screwdriver, suction cups, and so on, depending on the task you need it to perform.

Unitree Robotics opened pre-orders for its new Z1 dexterous robotic arm, but you have to fill in a form and wait for up to 15 days to be contacted by the company for the confirmation of your order. The Z1 is priced at approximately $6,000, and before you roll your eyes, you should know that this is considered a very decent price, with other robotic arms going for tens of thousands of dollars.

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