United’s Future All-Electric Regional Aircraft Now Boasts a State-of-the-Art Flight Deck

Earlier this year, we were telling you about the fully-electric regional passenger airplane that was perfect for vacation flights in difficult-to-reach areas, such as certain exotic islands. Now, the Swedish ES-19 electric airliner takes a step further by integrating customized avionics from world-renown specialist Garmin.
The ES-19 Now Integrates a Top-Level Customized Flight Deck 6 photos
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Together with a Phoenix-based regional air carrier, United purchased 200 electric aircraft from Swedish company Heart Aerospace, with the goal of making regional commercial flights better for the environment while still being fast and comfortable. The ES-19 was designed as a clean energy alternative for short-distance travel to places that are hard to reach by car, such as locations on mountainous terrain.

According to the manufacturer, besides from flying with zero emissions, this 19-seater is also exceptionally cost-effective, with an electric motor that’s almost 20 times less expensive than a conventional turboprop of the same size and maintenance costs that are 100 times lower. Powered by a 400 kW electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack, the ES-19 can fly for over 250 miles (400 km), but its range is expected to increase as battery technology continues to evolve.

Not just emissions-free, cost-effective and silent, the ES-19 also boasts top-level performance, thanks to the new Garmin G3000 integrated flight deck that was customized and optimized to meet the specific requirements of this electric aircraft. Featuring high-resolution flight displays that are also lightweight, the G3000 integrates perfectly with the airplane’s management systems for its electric drivetrain and battery for advanced navigation and communication. Plus, it’s designed to continue to support future upgrades as electric flight technology keeps evolving.

The major purchase agreement signed with United confirmed that island-hopping onboard this 19-seat electric aircraft is a certainty. Located in Gothenburg, Heart Aerospace was born as a spin-off from a government-funded research program and was also awarded a grant from the European Investment Council in 2020. The first ES-19 is expected to take off in 2026.
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