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Uninspired Dad Tests Heavy-Lift Drone Using Kid as Cargo. Wait for It...

There are fails on the internet that make your day and there are fails that make you want to call Child Protection. This footage falls into the latter category, with this man testing the payload capacity of his drone using his kid as cargo.
Guy lifts his kid using a drone 6 photos
Guy lifts his kid using a droneGuy lifts his kid using a droneGuy lifts his kid using a droneGuy lifts his kid using a droneGuy lifts his kid using a drone
When you buy a heavy-lift drone, the list of specs clearly includes the maximum weight capacity of the aircraft. Granted, most of us are still tempted to test the thing’s limits and see how much it can take. But this guy took it a step too far (although not literally, wait for the video to end) as he decided to fly his kid using a giant drone.

Parents are far from flawless people, as the adult in this footage goes to show you, but there are common flaws and there are weird, jaw-dropping ones. So, this Reddit video went viral, which is understandable, considering how its title is already irresistible: “Parent of the year award goes to the dad flying his kid on a giant drone”.

We have no details on the drone the dad was trying to pilot, but that’s not really important here, as no drone manufacturer will ever boast of its drone’s ability to lift a human being off the ground.

The little daredevil looks quite eager to fly away though, wearing a helmet for protection and everything (like that’s going to be of much help). He waits for the hexacopter to get low enough to grab it and off he goes. But luckily for the entire family, he doesn’t get that far.

Overwhelmed by the weight of the unusual cargo, the drone, with its motors desperately groaning ever since it started lifting the toddler, crashes in just a few seconds, taking the little Superman down with it.

Fortunately for the kid, the drone didn’t get that high and the kid’s fall wasn’t a crippling one. This time…

Editor's note: Warning: This video contains images that some viewers may find disturbing.


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