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Unicorn Cars...

... so I had a long talk about cars with one of my buddies the other day. As pretty much always, several topics spawned during the conversation but one of them kept reappearing no matter how hard we tried to change the subject. You see, this buddy of mine is a bit of a freak when talking about the Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse. Especially if the Geländewagen in question is gifted with two thunder-sounding exhaust pipes that are located under each of the rear doors and three little letters are embossed on almost every side of the car.

In other words, he's absolutely positively and undoubtedly in love with the G 55 AMG. I know what you guys are gonna say, "talk about expensive taste", right? Right. Well, I can't say that I blame him. As a matter of fact, the G-Wagen in AMG-guise is one of my favorite vehicles also. There's almost nothing subtle or efficient about this car, which kind of goes against most of my car-loving principles, but I simply adore it.

It's a vehicle synonymous with excess and antithetic qualities. The rigid front and rear axles, the three locking differentials, the supercharged eight-cylinder monster reigning under that flat hood, the box-on-wheels look and the sumptuous leather and Alcantara interior are good-enough reasons to justify any price it may carry. Meaning the G 55 doesn't come cheap, which kind of adds to the already stratospheric-high level of "special" in itself.

To many people, including myself, the Mercedes-Benz G 55 AMG is pretty much the "instant classic" recipe. No marketing studies were conducted to create such a vehicle because nobody actually needed it. I know many people will disagree over this, but to me (and especially to my aforementioned buddy), the G 55 AMG is a car born out of passion, not for marketing reasons.

West Coast hip-hopers could have used the G 500 just fine, they didn't need over 500 horsepower to "keep them spinning" at the traffic light. Nor did the Russian oligarchs ever felt the need to handle so much power coming out of a four-wheeled cross-country brick. The AMG version simply happened, that's all. And I'm glad it did. I'm also glad it wasn't replaced by the GL-Klasse fullsize SUV, which was specifically created for fat rich 'mericans who didn't quite fit in the M-Klasse.

Anyway, I guess every car freak out there has his "the one that got away" car. And I'm not talking about million-dollar supercars that mostly hang on bedroom walls as childhood posters. No, I'm only talking about cars that you could've have had but for some reason or other it didn't actually happen. Your unicorn car.

After countless brainstorming minutes when writing this diatribe I kind of figured mine is a smart roadster-coupe equipped with a Hayabusa engine. What's your unicorn car?


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